Must Have GNOME Extensions

Enhance your GNOME desktop with our must-have extensions. Follow our guide to improve functionality and optimize your user experience

The list:

  • Clipboard History
  • Tray Icons
  • AlternateTab
  • ArcMenu
  • Emoji Selector

Clipboard History

Clipboard Indicator is the most important extension in my opinion, You should now see a clipboard history in the top bar once you install it.

Screenshot of the clipboard indicator extension in action

Tray Icons

You can enable icons on your top bar

Screenshot of top bar after installing the extension


Substitute Alt-Tab with a window based switcher that does not group by application.

screenshot of AlternateTab in action


Application menu for GNOME Shell

screenshot of ArcMenu in action

Emoji Selector

This extension provides a parametrable popup menu displaying most emojis, clicking on an emoji copies it to the clipboard.

screenshot of Emoji Selector in action

that’s it <3