How to install Neovim on Debian the right way

Install Neovim the right way on Linux; specifically Debian.

Installing Neovim can be confusing as it is available on most distributions and on Snap store as well however, all those packages are quite old and will not work with various vim plugins like Lazyvim.

Same goes for Debian, which I am using while learning Vim. This is the only way which works as of now an is quite easy.

Install Curl

You need wget for this. It is installed on all system but if you don’t have it, you can install it using:

sudo apt install wget 

Download Neovim App Image

Here we will use wget to pull Neovim’s app image:


once done, make the app image executable:

chmod +x ./nvim.appimage 

Now move the app image binary to /usr/local/bin so you can run it from $PATH:

sudo mv nvim.appimage /usr/local/bin/nvim

now you can run neovim with nvim command and install plugins normally.


when you want to uninstall Neovim, just run this command:

sudo rm -R /usr/local/bin/nvim

Happy coding!