Reset BIOS Adminstration Password

step-by-step guide shows you how to use the 'System Disabled' code and an online tool to regain access, saving you from expensive repair fees.


I was repairing a laptop with currupted Windows but got a blue screen with “Enter Adminstration Password” however, this password was never set and its not anywhere on the laptop which is confusing.

I saw some online ads of people offering to fix this for $100 which is just bs.

Fixing BIOS Admin Password

First enter wrong password so it shows a “System Disabled” with a code. Something like this:

Picture of the “system disable” screen

Now visit bios-pw and enter the code which is shown. Make sure you enter the alphabet as well. Something like this:

screenshot of bios-pw

Now restart the laptop and the BIOS should be accessable.