My Vim Journey

Been a while, but I wanted to take a break from everything once again because I was cooking a idea. More on this later.


I started Vim motions at the start of this year because I wanted to optimise my work even more; before it was by increasing my typing speed to 110 but now its vim. Long story short, I saw Primagen be a god at typing & got motivated to really drill down on vim.

as of now, I am pretty confident with doing basic typing and editing and its getting better with the help of vimtutor- which I didn’t know about which is crazy to me now that I think about it. Its basically a gamified version of learning vim and its kinda fun except you have to do it pretty regularly for it to actually stick to you.

wait, did vim actually help?

screenshot of Wakatime

thats my usage as of now and its pretty good. I feel much more productive and it feels like I can do a lot so I don’t know to be honest. Time will tell.

New project

So I heard Chris Titus say that he would wanna work on a Linux version of his tool, winutil. and I had the same idea a while ago (probably last year) and I tried making it but it didn’t go well since I tried to make GUI first & that too with python.

This time I am making terminal version first and then later on do the GUI as well as support other distros like arch & fedora. As of today, it has some tweaks and apps to install, check it out and do let me know if you like it or have any feedback:


I wanna start journalling but I have said that various times and have tried it too but stop doing it after the third time so I don’t think there is a point of doing it again. But, I don’t know.

its kind of confusing because I don’t want to make it all fancy or do it religiously or have an app for it. Basically, I don’t really know what I want except that, I want to be able to journal directly from my brain. I think i need help.

That’s it for now to be honest.