So the website has been changed & I have applied adsense, hopefully they are kind this time around but who knows.

The website has been great and I have been updating things especially SEO things since the structure is quite different to what I was using before GoKarna.


So I have been using Twitter or X much more now and I follow this web developer, Julia. She posted this thread about getting work on Upwork and it was kind of eye-opening despite by tries/experiences so I decided to try again && following what Julia said in her thread:

I am quite hopeful but lets see.


I hate how slow things. I mean it makes sense because there are like 30 students and the teacher has to keep everyone together but if I can and am doing things quicker then either give me some other things to do or just let me off for the day but nope. I have to sit in that class staring at walls.

One of my tutor did give me another assignment while others are doing “the old one” && this assignment is about web develoment so thats great. && it reminds me of how unorthodox my workflow is.


I was looking for something new to learn & I was watching Chris Titus using neovim so that’s what I am going to learn now.

First impressions

Starting with neovim or vim is a bad idea. especially for me who doesn’t like creative processes like customising things and there is no point of learning something else just to customise this thing called vim. So for now I am using the Vim extension on vscode; I am planning to use this for at least a year or something before considering using neovim.

This newsletter is being written using Vim + VsCode.