Cyber War


It’s been a good week for the website; there was a post every other day with guides as well as newsletters so it was a slay. College has been pretty boring too since I already know most of the stuff so I don’t even know what to do in lectures. tbh i’m just waiting for the programming/coding topic to start.

⚠ War

we all know what has been happening past week. Cyber security wise, its been a mess, Sudan attacking Israel, Indians attacking Palestine, some attacking both sides. I doubt they are state-backed but defo hacktivists; I will link this video by Seytonic. He explains it well:

video preview

🗺 Hepton

I have created a bit of content to post as well as post as ads for impressions and just clients since Nextdoor isn’t that active and people require laymen and gutter-peeps more than IT guys tbh. Might just change careers 🤔

Anyways, we are now on X as well or Twitter:

the point is to get our name on as much platforms as possible & we are planning to play ads on Instagram too so lets see how that goes.

🧭 Guide of the week

that’s it <3