Godot First Impressions as a web developer

My first impressions of GODOT game engine and a mini review

I had a game idea and wanted to try game development, after a brief search on YouTube I got to know about GOdot and how its beginner friendly. I started using it and it was quite confusing especially coming from web development and just basic scripting.

What is godod?

Godot is a opensource game engine capable of 2d & 3d games, this is similar to unity except Godot is free and beginner friendly. The beginner friendly-ness comes from the way you code on it, it has its own language called GDScript which is something like python however in my experience its like if Python & Javascript had a child then you would get GDScript.


Firsly, the engine itself is quite good if you want to do game development for real and are really interested in it. However, it lacks quite a lot of features for main-stream game development which could be because of the owner and the people who maintain it. In summary, the owner does not like any valid criticismabout the engine or how its been handled this is also leads to broken PRs being pushed to the live repository making it a weird engine if you see the development side of it.

why are people talking about it?

The rise of Godot started in the past week or so because of people being pissed at unity and their recent price hike and people wanted another engine where they can work like normal without corperate bs and dealing with prices.

Issues I have

Since I just wanted to try it out, I was demotivated by the amount of work that goes into making games especially multiplayer games since I have to make APIs and stuff as far as I know and I really don’t wanna do that. Godot seemed beginner friendly but I think you still need a bit of knowledge before-hand rather than just starting a project and learning along the way; which is normal for me as I learn most efficiently this way.

Overall, I don’t hate it and probably will come back to it after a while when I know what I am trying to do rather than just “figure out along the way”.

that’s it <3