Best Email Clients for Linux

In this article, we discuss the best email clients for Linux and how the one you choose is important because each one suits a specific audience.


Thunderbird is the best email client (sUrpRisE) but Mailspring is quite close if it didn’t have some issues.


This article is a weird child. Some people do not use email clients because they have just one email for everything and they might use aliases but you are still weird for using one.

I have around 3-4 emails and then I manage other emails too which requires me to have an email client rather than logging in every email at all times.

My background

When I used Windows, I used or the Outlook desktop app which did the job and there were all these things which I didn’t use. I thiink I miss from that is the ability to call back an email. * whispers: forshadowing *


Thunderbird is the most used one I think however it may look a bit too raw and rough but now they have changed it to look more presentable and to be honest its the best one.


Mailspring is the best one as far as user-friendly-ness is concerned and just the overall experience is very familiar and it feels like you have been using Mailspring since 1954. It does have a subscription to access some advanced features which I hate about Mailspring but for a normal user its probably fine. advanced features like aliases and adding S/MIME certs

Mailspring is opensource as well btw.


Mailspring has some weird syncing issues which is annoying. The most annoying one is when you draft an email and save it but when you access it on my phone or anywhere else it just doesn’t show up but if you do the same thing on another client, it just works.

This is important for me but I keep coming back to Mailspring from Thunderbird. I think there is still room for a good mail client in the Linux space.

that’s it <3