Where Have I Been?

yes, I logged in finally. I have been on a semi-formal break apparently but it wasn’t like a break because i was just trying to learn new stuff and work at the same time. I got a bit off-college which means I have almost infinite time and summer didn’t even start yet.

🏮 Learning

I have been getting a feel of backend web development to complete my understanding of full-stack development. Do I want to do web development in the long-run? ~probably not but who knows. Few takeaways:

React is just like Hugo but a lot more complicated.

Its like going from Python to C#

I am starting to get why people use React (this is me 3 months in learning React)

Right now (as of 25 June), I am stuck in Tutorial Hell which isn’t fun of course & I do want to start making stuff but but but I don’t have any idea. I want to make something which is actually used by people and not another twitter clone. and before anything else, I want to change Hepton’s website.

I will give myself 1-2 months before I actually force myself to just create something otherwise, twitter clone it is.

🥽 Website and other stuff

My website has been going well, I surpassed 400 visitors in the last 28 days which is great and motivating too. Its also why i’m back to writing. But again, I do want to write how-tos but no idea. I might vomit all my React knowledge but I think, I should learn a bit more before I pass it on. (lol)

I want to reach at least 1000 visits before ‘25 and probably explore more detailed blog posts and maybe a bit more insightful rather than just continue doing how-tos but that might be next year to be honest. Which remind me of-

🎯 2024 Goals

At the start of this year, I highlighted four things that I want to achieve in 2024. I thought of giving a progress update.

  • Create memories: I have but I have to force myself to do those things which isn’t fun to say the least. I think doing just “tech” for so many years makes everything else pain.

  • Focus on what’s on hand rather than think about the future: This is something that was going quite well at the start of the year but the AI wave has just ruined this for me. & that is also one of the reason why I am focusing more on backend THAN frontend. Overall, yes I am worrying less about the future.

  • “Quality over quantity”: I think this is the major contributor to the 400 visitor mark on the website. I will keep posting quality work and lets see how it goes as we still have six more months to go.

Hopefully that gave background to where I was and what I will be doing for the next 6 months. I will be posting you more consistently however, I think having a long period of break allows me to actually give a nuanced update rather than a half-arsed one.

Thanks for reading this, hope you have a nice day.