Umm so the vim journey was short lived. It was very very annoying when you have so many things going through your head but you are thinking about which keys will take you at the end of the line so you can delete a semicolon.

The can’t exit vim memes are real.

anyways, so yeah. No more vim.

🕸 website

There have been some updates on the website. The main one is that I have articles in Roman Urdu now.

I always wanted to do this but I thought that it was too much work for a niche audience and I don’t even have enough users from Pakistan to take advantage of it but I did it anyways.

I think its coming from the fact that when I wanted to know stuff, I didn’t see anything which was originated from Pakistan. && even if I know knew something about IT/tech; they would just gatekeep it or say that “you are still a child to know all this” - Hello what?

I think who I am right now is all because of Google and just the internet overall. People, personally have treated me and other people like me in a bad way and I kinda want to change that. Initially this was supposed to be a YouTube channel and that’s because I was doing YouTube at the time but now its this so why not have Urdu copy of articles.

and yes roman Urdu because most people know roman Urdu more than Urdu Urdu and my primary target audience are teenagers/“GenZ”

That’s it for today, I just wanted to talk about the roman Urdu thing.