Decided to post blogs weekly probably which would be a bit informal and just about how things are going and my plans with as the normal “blogging” wouldn’t fit in articles, guides or write-ups.

Mentioning the categories reminds me of how there are just two categories now Guides & Blogs making it easier for the end-user to just navigate through stuff. Since the change, I will be posting write-ups on Medium and the normal articles will be on the company website.


This reminds me of the “company”; as of last year I wanted to make a company which didn’t make sense after a while so I registered as a “pool” of freelancers which brings the overall cost of services lower and makes it easier for freelancers to work at hepton.

Currently the “freelancers” are just friends & family since I know how they work and the quality of work.

Current Situation

rn I am applying for Google Adsense to make self-sufficient and focus on but it seems harder than I thought as I have been rejected 7 times since Jan 23. This is also why I have removed guides on hacking tools and write-ups as well as articles as they infringe with Google Adsense’ policies.


I think I will be posting more on blogs as there is a lot going on but can’t promise anything as things are changing a lot more and college will be starting on 5th too but we’ll see.

that’s it <3