Productive = Accustomed

Hi long time no see,

I was just watching YouTube like usual and saw this video and thought to myself if productivity apps depend on how accustomed you are with the app. This would be that there is no “productivity app” :0

Here me out, I have experienced this too. You wake up and think about all the things you can do today and you even start doing some and get through half of the list but then realise that you haven’t ticked off the stuff from your fancy to-do list app so now you open the app and tick off everything you have done just to realise that you have done everything which was not important and/or had a deadline in the distant future.


Crazy. absolutely disgusting. You can have look around YouTube and find this pattern as well:

  • Ali Abdaal: swears by notion because it helps him be productive - in reality, its just that he has been using it since his doctor days and now he has a dozen of notion pages with all his stuff
  • MKBHD: can not live without a to-do list and uses ticktick for the longest time
  • Casey Neistat: does not use any of the apps and just does things off of his head.
  • Van Neistart: loves to use sticky notes for everything: labelling, to-do, tasks, calenders, everything.

I hope I don’t feel weird thinking this but seriously, if thats the case then there is no PRODUCTIVITY APP. And no, I am not saying that these apps are bad, in fact, this newsletter was just a idea in Momentum then brought into Notion for the “writing process” and then sent to ConvertKit followed by my website. So I am guilty of the productivity bs as well.

To be honest, the “productivity” tag just gets thrown around a lot as a way to class something which is even slightly office related. For example, Notion - a all in one app where you can do pretty much everything but thats what M365 says too so you are better-off calling it the ultimate productivity app.

in conclusion, just use whatever suits you best and what makes you actually do stuff. Either it be having everything in Notion and living day to day like a robot or just do things off your head while you are creating a movie every single day for 800 days. Both gets things done and everyone will still call you productive.