Icks and Observations


this week has been a bit dry to be honest since there was nothing to do except just college and back home. Its half-term now so I’m free for a week or so. Somethings I want to achieve this week:

  • run Google ads for Hepton
  • Contribute to at least one open-source project
  • update assignments

also, assignments, I got one of them back and I got 20/100 which is disgusting. I feel intellectually molested. but But BUT, I will update it and change some things around however I do think the teacher was a bit harsh on it since it just needs 2 things and then its fine so like 20? seems a bit too much.

🧮 Ads

The plan was to run ads on Instagram but you need Facebook account to put ads on Instagram like bruh wut? I mean it makes sense from a company’s POV but then stop banning people?!?

Anyways, the plan now is to try with Google. I have made a business profile which might help? I don’t know?

👀 Observations

I will have this section on every mail now because it just seems relevant.

Turn long: i don’t know who needs this (i think everyone does) but ALWAYS TURN LONG. TURN FROM THE LONG WAY. especially around blind corners. I don’t want you to be 0.5cm away from your face. Tbh, just follow driving rules while walking as well. Please. 2FA: I find it so annoying that you have to press enter after typing your 2FA code. I like how GitHub does it; as soon as you enter the code, it just continues on rather than wait for you to press enter. please take this UX idea. ty Issues: I got a GitHub issue with my Hugo theme & I get what people mean by not creating issues “the right way”. “It’s not working” doesn’t cut it. Say what you did, when did u experience it not working, what was the code, tell about your machine. Make this about you and not just “its not working.”

🚧 Website

I usually change the layout of my website every year. This year I don’t really have any complaints except the site not having search and I have tried adding it manually but its just not working. I talked about this with my friend and she says that she wants to give it a try - let’s wait & watch otherwise I will have to change and I don’t know which theme to use because nothing beats my site :)


I reached 110 words per minute which took a while but happened, I have no evidence for it because I was doing it in college but I do have this picture where I got 108. Feels amazing but I don’t know where will this be useful lol - I mean it does help in productivity.

🗓 Guide of the week

​How to automate your GitHub profile​

I think thats it for now <3 & also you can reply to this email to reply to the newsletter which I find just- 🤯

that’s it <3