Recently, I have been busy with things other than website and the newsletter. I got a gig on Fiverr after trying for it for months, but to be honest, its the first time I actually did things right.

Here are some things that helped:


Its important to have things that actually do motivate you. I didn’t really think about Fiverr or any other freelancing platform until I saw this tweet by Julia which just happened randomly but it just sparked motivation. Quite random but works.

The tweet:


You have probably heard it many times && I found it quite cliche that you have to chOoSe a NiChE but it does more than we think. I was trying for web develoment, cyber or just IT managing gigs however this time around, I created a gig about converting web designs to a Hugo site which is quite a specific use case. Few weeks later, I got my first order.

the gig:


The pricing matters a lot especially on Fiverr. You don’t want to lowball or highball but find a sweetspot which is not soo much for a first timer but also not soo cheap that it feels unconvincing. Over time you will probably have to increase the price of your gig according to time, quality and the kind of work you get.


Fiverr alone can’t get you anything. Or for that case, [insert freelancing platform] can’t get you anything. I say that because its really important that you create gigs on many different platforms, at the minimum at least do 2. This allows you to get a better feel of the freelancing market especially for your niche or category of work.

When you do this, you will find yourself finding new ways to optimising your gigs every now and then which is a good thing. This also includes creating multiple gigs for the same thing but with different content to see what works the best for you. (specifically on Fiverr)

Response time

Install mobile apps to get notifications whenever there is a inquery about your gig. Trust me it affects by a lot.

Lastly, just put yourself in the buyer’s shows. See what you would look for in a seller and do those things.

Also, if someone wants to convert their designs or current website to Hugo, check out my gig.