End of 2020

Looking back at the significant events of 2020. Reflect on the changes of the past year. Read our article.

Goals for 2022

  • Posting how-to guides on mansoor.cf everyday
  • Learning and growing in CyberSecurity
  • making mansoorbarri.com a IT company
  • Getting a job

It started off really well at the beginning of this year, but as I got busier, it became a weekly thing, then monthly, and finally a seasonal thing where I would post 5 guides every 2-3 months. However, in the last quarter, I really expanded this into a polished product, which I did not expect at all. We had a hiccup in the middle when Freenom took away mansoor.cf, but we came back up and running within a day, which I’m very proud of.

Learning has also been an experience as I expanded my TryHackMe profile and experimented with IT as much as I could, whether by learning coding languages or VM-ing the shit out of my laptop, but overall it’s been a good year in terms of learning.

Getting a job and establishing mansoor.cf as a business are inextricably linked. I couldn’t get a job because of my age, but I polished this site to the point where two people wanted IT support from me, and this site and how documented my knowledge played a big part in that. I’m currently working with mortgagemarket.uk.com on penetration testing and hope to find more interesting and fulfilling jobs/gigs in the future.

2023 Goals

  • Post 3 times a week on mansoorbarri.com
  • Commit and contribute more on GitHub
  • Improve my network

2022 was a great year, but I’m looking forward to 2023 to be even better in almost every aspect of life because I’ve learned from my mistakes (trust me, there were many) and learned, and 2023 may just be a year of significant growth. 🤞🏽

that’s it ✌🏽