Day Dreaming

I was listening to Van Neistat and he was talking about how he has this habit of fixing things and just fixing every little thing for no apparent reason and he called it “Fantasy Fixing” and I kind of related to him & this idea of fixing fixing stuff just because its like a form of gratitude in one way or another. One difference is that he is more of a hands-on guy where he fixes like “real stuff” but I’m more of a IT-fantasy fixing guy. I would see something off from like a UI point of view or just something and would fix it and projects being open-source make it a lot more doable.

This struck me while I was looking at my Hugo theme and you know - thinking of things which could be better and my sister asked “Why are you staring at it?” which lead me to this rabbit hole and me discovering that I just find some sort of happiness or have a passion for “Fantasy Fixing”

This also correlates to how I want to restore a vintage bike or car because that’s FIXING fr.

🔀 Menace

I have a guess (like always) that Google doesn’t like how my site doesn’t have a search box thing even though it has around 300 pages and personally I want search too so I decided to actually make it. Turns out its harder than I thought so I just went with Google’s Programmable Search.

​ I make another branch on Git and do everything and it looked fine but I wanted to make it better and do some animations and stuff & I needed some time for it so I just left it there. After like a day or two, merging all the branches and deleting the ones I don’t want which turned out to be all of them; all of them. Still I don’t know if I will get the code for the search thing or not. sigh

Turns out I deleted the repository with my Hugo Theme as well 😭

tbh I don’t know when this happened but I contacted GitHub now so lets see what they say about this dumbbitch <3

🔫 Adsense

I applied Google Adsense again but they hate me. yes they do. & they said that I can’t re-apply till 20th November now because I applied to many times. - at this point, I think they should just tell me what’s wrong.

I applied without adding search on the site so it might be that but I don’t know, I mean they do have “webmaster guidelines” as one of the reasons so it probably is but mehh.

🧘 Posts

The website has been pretty dry because I had no idea what to post plus I was sick for the first 3 days of the week which is 2/3 posts missed so I might as well not post any however, I don’t know what to post next week too so like?!?

let me know if you have any ideas though but other than that, thats it <3