Come Back

Halo again,

Its been more than a week since I posted so the website is quite dry, I have some ideas for this week so this might just be a come back from being dry-asf.

🎮 | Game Development

I wanted to try game development since I had this idea and wanted to try it before I regret and its no longer relevent. I won’t really say the idea of the game for obvious reasons however it was a multiplayer game which required me to develop an API i think which was just a big turn off to be honest. The experience just made me appriciate game devs a bit more as it requires a lot to develop a game let alone maintain it and bring updates which actually work and are interesting.

👨‍💻 | C# & apps

I am planning to learn C# by developing an app for Linux, it would be like an utility app but I don’t know how useful it will be since everything on Linux is quite nice by default. My prediction is that it will most likely be useful for beginners or admins who set up systems day-in & out and want a tool for quick setup; something like ninite 👀

That’s it for now I guess <3