Big Brother

There is a block. An imaginary but physical block. Can’t write, can’t work on the website, can’t work on hobbies, can’t do anything. Hopelessness. The decision to write every week might be to optimistic but I have written 3 articles per week so one shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know. Things not working makes me think of destructive things to do which isn’t good of course.

The Website

screenshot of the new website

this is what it looks like right now but the search doesn’t work still which is annoying. The developer is inactive and its been a week but still there is no reply. I have used this theme before, the search worked then && I tried importing my content on that website but still the search doesn’t work so I don’t know what the issue is. Its frustrating. But its more frustrating when you make a theme but decide not to be active for its support.


I have been posting content but there is no change in impressions so I guess we wait. I am thinking of writing articles for Hepton but I don’t think I can.

For this newsletter, I might just post tiny tiny newsletters just so I make something. Even now writing this reminds me of 10 other things I have to do so yuh. Like Ali Abdaal said,

motivation is a myth. Trying to get yourself to feel like doing something useful is a fool’s errand. A 3-year old bases their day-to-day decisions on what they feel like doing. An intelligent student/adult recognises that feeling like doing something useful should have absolutely nothing to do with whether they actually do it.