Life update. gcse, adsense, website, mortgage market


Since the last blog, adsense is still pending however I have planned a guide about adsense and what I used till now to get at least nearer to being accepted by Google. Will be live when I get accepted officially since I might use something new in the meanwhile.


Got the expected grades however they increased the grade boundaries to pre-covid level even though this batch was in COVID in year 9 but slay.

I have applied for BTEC IT and got enrolled in the same which is gonna be fun hopefully.

Mortgage Market

The website is fine but the apps are being a bit naughty. Google Playstore want API level 34 however we have 31 and I don’t know jack-shit about app development and can’t recompile apparently.

Apple renewal is right around the corner however they wanna sell the business and there is no buyer as of now since there is little to no revenue. Makes it a lot harder to manage a buyer while also doging store’ fees.

that’s it <3