How to create an issue on GitHub projects

a simple guide on why GitHub issues are not helpful and how can you make good and helpful issues.

GitHub issues is probably the only thing which helps the open-source community to change their code because developers are usually quite stubborn, & we also know that anyone with a GitHub account can create an issue which creates the issues tab way worse than anyone can expect.


Bad example

screenshot of a bad issue from my websites repository

this is not a good issue since it doesn’t say which browser is in question? have they tried to do something like change browser or clear cache? is this the same on mobile? maybe attach a screenshot with it. but no, people usually just put whatever they want rather than what is helpful to the community/developer.

Good example

screenshot of a good issue from my websites’ repository

this is a good example,

  • highlights the issue
  • has a screenshot
  • mentions how the issue is there globally
  • says what could be the issue (its not important though because this requires you to know the code most of the time)

to be honest, its not that hard.

Actual steps

whenever you are creating an issue on GitHub, write stuff which might help you if you were the developer of the code. and please attach a screenshot of any kind of evidence. & define the issue in as much detail as possible; maybe follow a “issue guide” because some developers have it so stupid issues don’t pop-up.

That’s it <3