5 More Hugo Tips

5 more things that you should know about hugo which will make you much more efficient when working with the best static site generator


Quite a while ago I made a post about 5 Hugo Features You Should Be Using however, I have compiled a few more tips which you might know or might not.


  • Serve Drafts
  • Serve Future posts
  • Limit Summary
  • Custom public folder

Serve Drafts

You can serve posts which are in drafts with a simple option with your normal hugo command like so:

hugo server -D


hugo -F 
  • -D allows it to serve posts which are in drafts

Serve Future posts

Similar to serving drafts, you can serve posts which are dated at a later date by hugo server -F or hugo -F

Additionally, you can combined both to be hugo server -FD or hugo -FD serving both, future and drafts posts.

Limit Summary

Some themes have /blogs/ with blog title and as well as summary which is first few lines from the blog itself. You have no way of controlling this except use `

` after you have done writing your “summary” or first few lines that you wanna show as the summary.

For example, this blog has the following code: screenshot of the code

The output will be: Screenshot of the output

As you can see, the summary stops before <!--more-->

Change public directory

you can change the public directory where hugo compiles your website. This can be helpful when hosting your website on the same machine.

Command: hugo -d {custom-dir}

that’s it <3