Completely Remove YouTube Shorts

A simple guide to completely remove YouTube shorts.

YouTube is pushing shorts more && more even if you don’t like to watch it or never watched it at all. It makes sense why YouTube wants to do this however it’s really annoying when you see shorts more than actual full-length videos.

There are two ways to strip off YouTube Shorts from YouTube:


There is an extension called Remove YouTube shorts which does exactly this.

I kept this under easy as you don’t have to worry about this not working since that will be managed by the developer (hopefully this gets updates in the future too)


This is slightly advanced as you might need to update the code if YouTube decides to patch it.

  • First, install UBlock Origin to your Browser
  • Copy this code to the scripts section in UBlock Origin
  • If that gets patched or you don’t like to use UBlock Origin, use this code via something like tempermonkey.

I personally use the Remove YouTube Shorts extension as you just have to install it && it works.