Mirror Android Screen with Sound Wirelessly

Learn about screen & sound mirroring tools and how to use them wirelessly from your phone to your computer.

Disclaimer: this only works when your phone and computer is on the same network

Previously I have explained how you can mirror your android phone on machine however you can also do it wirelessly as well in a different method but kinda the same.


Install scrcpy & sndcpy just like how it is mentioned in the previous guide: https://mansoorbarri.com/guides/android-screen-mirror/

Then install ADB: debian linux

sudo apt install android-sdk-platform-tools


  • Download ADB Platform Tools
  • Extract Tools to C:\Windows (This allows you to run adb.exe and fastboot.exe from anywhere)
  • Install drivers for your phone - Install Android Device Drivers

Now connect your phone using a USB cable and run:

adb connect {ip}:5555

where {ip} is your phone’s IP for example, adb connect

now disconnect the USB cable and run sndcpy or/and scrcpy and you should be able to connect over wifi.

Note: the adb wireless connection may disconnect when your phone or computer restarts

that’s it <3