Web Hosting

The only options when it comes to hosting and why I think they are good. Learn more here about web hosting.

so hosting is a bit weird especially for websites:

  • some are over paying
  • some are scams
  • some are just perfect

and it all comes down to your workflow and what do you wanna host.

Static sites

Static sites are basically websites with just html, css & js. Nothing more, nothing less. You can host them in multiple ways but my prefered method is with Cloudflare Pages because of the following:

  • Cloudflare has the largest network for CDN
  • You can get a short URL as well like abc.pages.dev unlike GitHub’s long URLs
  • It’s quite easy to set-up & will help in your career as well
  • You can link it with GitHub for version control

Cloudflare is pretty famous with enterprise customers especially those businesses who are just between “small” & “large business”. I have all my websites hosted on Cloudflare and the speed and workflow is just too good. This website is also hosted on Cloudflare Pages

How to

Its pretty much documented on YouTube and other blogs, my guide can be found here: https://mansoorbarri.com/guides/cloudflare-hugo

Dynamic sites

For this, I prefer going with Google cloud platform as its the fastest and pretty cheap as far as I know. You can also go with linode as they have a better support but if you know what you are doing, Google should be fine as well.

I was admin for a website over at Plesk and its pain. The UI is slow and the website isn’t that fast; it peaked at 10s which is disgusting.

In the end its all about your needs. Most people have static sites so Cloudflare + Git makes perfect sense, hosting companies usually lure these people as well at awful rates which is just ugly.

that’s it <3