Vpns Scam

Discussing why vpns are quite useless and all the advertisement is just bland

VPNs are everywhere and they claim to be secure and safe however there are only two reasons why one would want a VPN:

  • Getting around Geo-blocks
  • Torrents

Why do I say that?

VPNs advertise you to be secure and to encrpyt traffic between you and the internet so your ISP doesn’t see what you are doing however when you use a VPN, the VPN providor can see what you are doing so the “security” part fails anyways. Secondly, your ISP can’t see anything except the domains you visit but thats it. This is because nowadays, every website & app uses https which does not allow anyone to see the traffic between you and the sites you visit. As long as you don’t use a really really old site, you are safe from your ISP spying on you.

At the end of the day, its all part of marketing so you buy stuff even when you don’t want it.

Where VPNs make sense?

The only reason you should be using VPN:

  • to get around Geo-blocked content (probably when traveling in middle-east or china )
  • downloading torrents

everything else is bullshit

that’s it <3