Ticketing System

Learn about Freshdesk's ticketing system and how you can create and manage a ticketing system for your home lab!


A ticketing system can be your first step in having your own helpdesk experience at home. This can be free and paid, in cloud or on prem which makes this a super nerdy/fun experience.

We will be using Freshdesks’ ticketing system as it provides quite good controls.


Note: “company email” can be your personal email as well.

Ticketing Page setup

When you login the first time, you will be asked to customise your Freshdesk like the link where your ticketing system will be hosted. For example, {name}.freshdesk.com.

You can change this using pro version of Freshdesk or creating a redirect from your website like, ticket.mansoorbarri.com.


Some addional settings that you can change:

  • go to settings (cog icon on the left hand side)
  • “Agents” to add additional people who could reply the tickets
  • “Portals” customise the ticket i.e. adding your logo
  • “Ticket Fields” specify which fields are required and add fields you would want
  • “Email Notifications” manage email messages whenever someone creates a ticket.

There are many more settings that you can mess around with and set Freshdesk exactly where you want it to be.

Note: when you signup, it does say that its on free trial however it will still work after the trial ends but without some features like workflows & ticket timing.

that’s it <3