Getting Started with Scambaiting

Start scambaiting with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to protect yourself and others from scams

Getting started

Keep in mind that you are dealing with people who are criminals, giving your personal information is stupid to say the least. Making a fake persona here is helpful and what most people do.

A VPN isn’t important since there is just enough they can do by finding your IP. A free vpn I suggest is cloudflare’s WARP furthermore, there are many cheap VPNs which work great: Private Internet Access & OpenVPN are two of many.

Additional, baiting a tech support scammer requires a bogus machine (usually windows). You can do this with softwares like VMware & VirtualBox. You can also do it without a counterfeit machine but it’s not recommended and can be dangerous, do it on your own risk.


Using Textnow is the best free option as of now, it allows you to have your own US numbers & provides free calls to US numbers (which most scammers use) moreover, you can use paid VOIP/SIP services.

Never ever use your own number or personal information as scammers will most likely use this against you by spoofing your number or addiing your number on a “list to scam call” making your life hell.

Tracking/OSINT on Scammers

Some contact with the scammers can lead to their IP address. You can use Glasswire firewall or Wireshark to trace their IP.

Use a Remote Adminstration Tool (RAT) to surveillance a scammer’s PC though it’s illegal, you will not get caught until the scammer report it to the police which certainly doesn’t happen. Using a RAT is a little bit advance so I would recommend not getting into this until and unless you know what you are doing & you don’t mess around with it.


VOIP: Google Voice

Voice Changer: ClownFish or VoiceMod

Generator: Identity Generator

Track IP addresses: Grabify or IP Logger

Recording Software: OBS

Report a domain:

Scammer Numbers

Scammer Info

Whiterose (discord server)

Advance tools

OSINT on Phone Numbers: PhoneInFoga

Port Scanner: Nmap


VM: you need to learn Virtual Machines RIGHT NOW!! (Kali Linux VM, Ubuntu, Windows) - YouTube

PhoneInFoga: Getting Started | PhoneInFoga & find info on phone numbers with PhoneInfoga - YouTube

Nmap: Nmap quick start & Nmap Tutorial to find Network Vulnerabilities - YouTube


Scambaiting is fun and helpful but be careful because these are criminals.

use tools mentioned here on your own risk

that’s it ✌🏽