Convert Python files to Windows executable files

Convert Python files to Windows executables with our guide. Follow our step-by-step instructions to create standalone applications for easy distribution.


  1. You should have all the modules installed before compiling
  2. You should have all the requirements for the python file before compiling it

Install Nuitka on Windows

  • Go to Go to which will download a .msi file

  • Run the file and click on “More info”

  • Click on “Run anyway”

  • Click on “Install for all users” then click “Next”

  • Specify the python 3.9 compiler, its easier to use the Python 3.9 from registry and click on “Finish”

Confirm installation

nuitka --version


py -m nuitka --minhw64 <> --standalone --onefile

This will make 2 folders with logs and other Nuitka files and a .exe file from your .py file.

I recommend using:

py -m nuitka --minhw64 <> --standalone --onefile --remove-output

where --remove-output removes the 2 folders after compiling the .exe file.

that’s it ✌🏽