Get Professional Email for Free

Learn how you can get a free professional email using ZOHO and a domain. A deep dive in Zoho's email services and how you can use them for free.


This can only work if you have your domain and have permission to change DNS settings or upload files to the website.


Zoho is a cloud-based platform providing a suite of services including emails; it provides personalised email addresses using your domain name, along with various tools for efficient communication and security as they are very open and transparent with their privacy policy.

Getting started

Signing Up

  • Visit Zoho Mail
  • Click on “Get Started for Free”
  • Follow the steps to create a Zoho account

Verifying Your Domain

  • Choose a domain verification method like DNS or HTML file upload
  • Follow the steps provided to verify your domain
  • Once done, you will gain access to your Zoho admin panel

Setting Up Your Email

Adding Users

  • Navigate to the “User Details” section and click “Add User” in your admin panel
  • Enter user’s detail like name and desired email address
  • Set a password for their email address
  • Repeat the process if you wish to make more accounts

(Please note, you can only make upto 5 email accounts with the free plan. For more, you will have to update to whatever suits your needs.)*

Accessing Zoho Mail

  • Go to
  • Login to your email and password which from Setup
  • You can also download the Zoho app to access your email address on your phone

My Setup

I shifted from cloudflare email routing to Zoho and it is working great as of now.

I had my DNS on cloudflare and made one account with 2 aliases; I wasn’t able to use Thunderbird on the free plan which is a bummer. I think a lot more people would go with Zoho if they allowed third party email clients.

that’s it <3