How to Contribute to Open-source Projects

A breif guide about how to contribute to open source projects on GitHub - The Right Way


I have seen a lot of people contributing to GitHub projects in the most inefficient way possible & their way usually just supports one change rather than u making a fork for every change.


First you have to choose a project to contribute to. A potential project which you can contribute to should lie in all of these conditions:

  • You should be well aware with the language the project is using.
  • You should understand how the project is laid out
  • Beaware of any contribution rules


mostly the steps to contribute and make changes would look something like this:

  • Fork the project
  • Make a branch for your issue and name it appriopriately
  • Clone the repository
  • Make the change on the new branch
  • Create a PR
  • Include which issue is the PR fixing or what is the PR changes i.e. mention if the PR adds a feature which wasn’t there already


Here we’ll use a Hugo theme as a example and see if we can fix any issues. The thinking behind using this specific theme is that its simple and I know Hugo inside-out.



Understand the issue: screenshot of the issue

Create a fork: Screenshot of a fork being created

Make the changes & test it out: Screenshot of code editor and testing the changes

Create a PR: Screenshot of the PR

Note that you have to mention which issue u are fixing my the issue number which you can find next to the issue title. This allow all the people involved in the issue to see that there is a PR which fixes it & it makes it easier for people to see what the issue if from the PR.

Now just wait & see if the changes are alright and soon enough your code wiill be merged or declined.


Here are some of my recent contributions:

you can see more contribution from my GitHub profile:

that’s it <3