Google Adsense

Learn about important steps you should take to connect your site with Google Adsense and have ads running.


Google adsense can be a great way to maintain a website as the earning aren’t not much to sustain a household but can be enough to sustain a website and everything related to maintain a website (hosting, CMS etc)

Google Adsense

Google adsense can be a great way to start your journey however Google is quite picky with what is suitable for their adsense platform.

I was rejected several times over a year with little to no information about what is wrong with my site; I was accepted finally after using multiple tools and tips from previous website owners like TonyTeachesTech.

Adsense Connect

Make sure you have:

  • connected your site successfully without any errors (Google Adsense will show any errors when you are connecting your site)
  • Space for ads to display on your site


  • Ahrefs - For SEO and errors like 404 & low word count pages
  • webmatrices - To check technical details which contribute to Google’s approval


Ahrefs’ setup is a bit lenghty and deserves a dedicated guide which will be posted soon.

Ideally you should have 90% or over under Site Audit, I was at 98% when I started using Ahrefs; later I got it to be 100% whilst applying for Google Adsense. The trick is to have no “Errors” as they are the serious ones. At the time of this guide, I have 0 errors, 11 warnings and 3 notices.

My Ahrefs guide:


Firstly, go to their website and enter your domain; for a high chance you would want at least 60% approval rate from Webmatrices. I was at 71.43% when I was accepted for Google Adsense.

For Pages Information on Webmatrices, its not important for a individual creator to have “About Us” & “Contact Us” however privacy policy and terms and conditions are essential.


  • You should be at least 18 at the time of applying adsense (Your photo ID will be asked)
  • Have enough and good content
  • Your site should be “ad ready”
  • You should have enough site views & decent SEO
  • Illegal content is not allowed (Incl. ethical hacking)

that’s it <3