Github Profile Readme

A brief explaination of why you should create a github profile readme and how to create it to a standard.

Almost every developer uses GitHub in some way or another. & if you push your code to GitHub then GitHub alone can be your CV however, by default its not that presentable. One feature is GitHub profile README which allows you to create a README file for your profile; it is in Markdown so you can do a lot of things on it.

For example, my profile looks something like this:

you can check it out here:

We will try to create something like this just to start off with, then you can change it however you like and maybe add things you like.


First you have to create a repository with your username. My username is mansoorbarri so my repository name is mansoorbarri as well:

Now create a file with the name and start adding stuff.

  • For beginners I recommend this: It adds section automatically and its just way easier to create something simple.

To do something like my profile, you will have to know a bit of Markdown.


Use this tool: You can enter your username and choose a theme and copy paste the code in your README and it should show up on your profile.


For icons, you this website to copy the image code and paste it in your readme.

I have used HTML since I wanted it to be inline and with some padding, you can have a look on my README profile to see what I have done.


For other sections, its just some bullet points and hyperlinks. You can automate that as mentioned here


Here are some READMEs

that’s it <3