Redired WWW to Cloudflare Pages

Learn how to make a www subdomain redirect to Cloudflare pages.


  • Login to Cloudflare dashboard and go to your domain’s DNS.
  • Create a DNS A record for www subdomain with the value of
Type Name Value
A www
  • Now go to Account Home > Bulk Redirects > Create a new Bulk Redirects list > Create new lst
  • In the content type, select Redirect.
  • Add your redirect Source URL and Target URL. Your target URL must include https:// before the apex domain.
  • Select Edit parameters > select Preserve query string, Subpath matching and Preserve path suffix.
  • Select Add to list.
  • Go to Bulk Redirects > Create Bulk Redirects > select your list > Save and Deploy.

Cloudflare Docs

that’s it <3