Best Browser Extensions

Discover the best browser extensions for productivity, privacy, and more. Our guide has top-rated picks to streamline your online experience.



Picture of Extensity displaying some extensions enabled while others are disabled

A browser extension that allows you to enable or disable browser extensions with a single click. This is especially useful when some extensions are rarely used but consume computer resources when running in the background.

A simple extension for removing the site’s cookies. This is useful when the site crashes or when removing paywalls, such as on news websites.

Screenshot of  the extension Cookie Remover


Screenshot of the extension GoFullPage capturing a page

Allows users to take a full-page screenshot in PDF and image formats with the click of a button.


This extension enhances your browsing experience on, which is already pretty shit. This adds features such as opening images sent via DMs, uploading videos and reels, and much more.

Midnight Lizard

Screenshot of Midnight Lizard and its options This is one life saver, enables nightmode for every website you go on and has different “night mode” settings.

Return YouTube Dislike

A screenshot of the like-to-dislike ratio of a YouTube video oh gawd, This extension restores YouTube’s dislike feature with accurate ratings. Learn more:

URL Shortner

Screenshot of URL Shortener in action With a single click, you can shorten URLs for free with this extension

that’s it <3